Glencoe Youth Basketball

2018-2019 Coach Applications

2018-2019 Coach Application

Welcome to Glencoe Youth Basketball 2018-19!

If you, or someone you know, are interested in being the head coach for either boys or girls at any level for Glencoe Youth Basketball this year, you'll need to login and fill out this coaching application.  

Application Deadline is September September 23rd. 

Our plan is to take all selected head coaches, that are able to go, to a  coaching clinic that Nike and the Portland TrailBlazers are sponsoring on Saturday, September 29th. This is an all day clinic, from 9 AM to 4 PM at the University of Portland.

Coaching Look Fors: 

1. Availability - Coaches need to be available from 5:30 - 9p.m. multiple weekday nights and will also need to be available all day on 4-5 weekends between early November and early March. A typical coach will need to dedicate between 6 - 15 hours a week 

2. Experience - Basketball coaching and playing experience is preferred but not mandatory. While basketball experience is valued, we are interested in people who want to learn, are energetic, organized and who are positive communicators with adults and youth. 

3. Philosophy - We are interested in coaches who prepare to win but are even more concerned with maximizing the development zone that youth athletics provide. Coaches should have philosophies on how they build positive team culture and support effort goals over outcome goals while making practices engaging and fun. 

4. Team Volunteering with Little Dribblers - This year we are going to require that each team spend one Saturday volunteering at Little Dribblers. There will be calendar to sign up for one or more Saturdays. You and your team will have a great time!

SportsEngine Login:

In order for you to start the application, you will need to login with a SportsEngine account. You can create an account below, if you have not already created one.

Selection Process: 

A  committee made up of Glencoe Youth Board Members, Boys and Girls Glencoe Varsity Coaches and the Glencoe Athletic Director will evaluate the applications and together name Head and Assistant coaches for each Boys and Girls team. 

Selection Timeline: 

The Application deadline is Sunday September 23rd. Our Coaches should be notified no later than Wednesday September 26th. 


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Jeff Eischen